Bee Venom Mask

Heaven Bee Venom Mask


Natures Alternative to Injections
Absolute Organic Facelift in a Jar!
Used twice daily can knock years off the appearance of middle-aged women! Effect stays and is accumulative. Affordable and easy to use
"I'm a big fan and Kylie and I both love the Heaven Range" Dannii Minogue
"The Royal Face Lift" Daily Mail
How Does it Work?
Thinking it's under threat the skin is "fooled" into releasing collagen, ellastin and cortisone as a natural defense thus calming, smoothing and tightening the skin all day Venom is safely extracted without hurting the bees   Natural, Organic, Paraben Free   Patch Test Recommended. Not suitable for anyone with a bee sting allergy
Directions for use
 The first time you use this product we recommend you do a patch test. Apply a small amount on a section of your face and leave on for 20 minutes.

This product can be used as either a Mask or a Cream.
Massaging gently, apply a generous layer to your face and neck and leave for 20 minutes.  Wash off.  
Or use as a cream
Apply a thin layer evenly over the face and neck on top of your usual moisturiser (Age Defiance or Overnight Success) massaging gently

Please note:
A slight tightening sensation upon application is normal, this is just the Bee Venom getting to work.  If you don't feel a tightening sensation, don't worry, it's still working!