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Lia Therapy Oil


Contrary to popular belief; oil stops oil. This oil helps to balance the oil levels and hydrate and feed the skin. The LIA oil works to reduce redness and rosacea and rejuvenates damaged and dull skin. The addition of organic rose and neroli repair and prevent broken capillaries and reduce scarring.
Suitable for all skin types but particularly good for those with rosacea, or those with oily or dry, ageing and damaged skin. Those with sensitive skin can use this.
Apply on its own or add 1-2 drops to other heaven creams after your cleansing routine.
Citrus aurantium var, Rosa damascena, Calendula officinalis, Rosa canina L, Olea europaea L, Vitis vinifera L, Glycine max, Daucus carota L, Alpha-tocopherol.
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