Peat Anti-Ageing

Peat’s Natural Anti-ageing Ability - How Peat Combats Ageing

Bog Bodies have been found in the bogs of northwestern Europe, particularly in Ireland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Northern Germany, and Denmark. These bodies were found to be extremely well preserved and in excellent condition. How is this possible given that it was established that they were many thousands of years old? The peat in the raised bogs has astonishing preserving properties which lend to its ability to both combat aging and enhance wellness. Peat has excellent moisture- retaining properties which enhances skin elasticity. Ageing refers to the various processes of wear and tear that affect us continuously throughout our life time. The ageing process is part of our DNA make up and as such it cannot be prevented. However what is in our control is premature ageing which is caused primarily by our exposure to free radical damage i.e pollution in environment, what we consume, lifestyle etc. This premature ageing can be reversed by the consumption of strong anti-oxidants. Miracle Moor & Irish Organic Skincare products contain some of the strongest anti-oxidants known to scientists in the form of fulvic and humic acids.

Fulvic Acid/Humic Acid - Some of the most powerful Anti Ageing and Rejuvenating Elixir anti oxidants known to Scientists!

 Peat Face and Body Mask - when the face mask, which is 100% organic peat is applied to the skin, it is absorbed for the most part between the epidermis cells of the skin, producing an exchange of ions when the binding process with albumin in your skin occurs. The harmful positive ions in the skin tissues are exchanged for rejuvenating negative ions in the peat. The increased rate of flow of blood to the skin can be witnessed by the flushed effect on the skin when the peat is washed off. This enhanced blood circulation results in superior translucent skin tone. This Skincare product has captured the superior, mineral and anti-oxidant rich resources from this peat to create a skincare range that is second to none. These minerals and anti-oxidants are so strong that they help retrieve the natural luminosity that’s associated with youthful skin to a skin that is maturing in age.

Irish Peat - Feel The Power of Growing Young!