• Ella Jane Wipes - Refresh

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Ella Jane Wipes - Refresh


Designed for all skin types but with special ingredients that treat certain skin conditions. REFRESH targets blemishes, the apple pectin lifts and exfoliates removing dead cells from the skin, buffs fine lines and helps withdeep cleaning under the skin cells whilst healing tiny blemishes.

Organic Peppermint refreshes the skin and balances the oils whilst closing pores. Deep hydration tighten the pores to leave a smooth finish. Excellent for a make-up base. Reviving after a long day or night, puffness is reduced and the lymphatic flow is increased leaving you with that wide awake feeling.

There are no parabens or mineral oils, by adding warm water you can achieve an even deeper cleanse, excellent for removing mascara with no puffing up. The wipes can be used with all Heaven products

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